Coffee Scented Candle

Our best business friends, and literal neighbors, Flint Candle Co. have teamed up with us to create a coffee scented candle! Of course we called it A Damn Fine Candle. People love the look of it, but when they smell it they lose their minds. In a good way of course. It's like having a latte sitting next to you, waiting for you to sip. 

With art by the incredible Craig Horky, we keep our Twin Peaks theme alive. And because of that, we've launched our Damn Fine Coffee Combo where you can get a bag of coffee AND the coffee-scented candle. 

But what makes the whole thing truly great is getting to work with Lindsay. She's a hardworking entrepreneur who helped build Flint Candle Co. into the behemoth it is today. We're wildly appreciative of her and her crew for everything they've done for our company. Whether it's delivered fresh baked goods, or just squealing from across the street when we pull in. That's community. THAT is the spirit of Flint.

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