Craig Horky is an illustrator and cat whisperer who currently resides in one of the grayest cities in the Midwest with a polydactyl cat named Alice. He draws pictures for bands, magazines, companies, and things. When he’s not slumped over a table drawing 4 eyed cats and giving himself irreparable back damage he spends what little free time he has making music, motorcycling, and collecting/imbibing whiskey. He’s worked with Childish Gambino, Jimmy Eat World, Mastodon, Pabst Blue Ribbon and countless others.

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Kelly Williams draws comic books. Lots of horror comics, some not so horror comics. He has done work for publishers like BOOM!, IDW, DYNAMITE, ACTION LAB, FULL MOON, DARK HORSE, STACHE, and more. 

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Emily Pearson is a self-taught comic book artist from California. She is known previously for her work on The Wilds and Snap Flash Hustle from Black Mask Studios, and the upcoming graphic novel Bonding from Vault Comics, and The Vain from Oni Press.

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Matt is a comics artist and illustrator in the Greater Boston area. Raised on a healthy diet of 80s monster movies he spends a lot of time drawing monsters and robots, mostly for his self-published series Gardener. He also likes plants, but doesn't know much about them. In addition to his own independent comics work, Matt's work has been published by Heavy Metal Magazine (#294 & #298) and Comixology Originals. Clients include Netflix, Cartuna, and really cool unannounced work with some equally cool clients.

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JUSTIN TORDELLA - DECAF, Rootless logo, Rootless website

Justin is the most celebrated strongman competitor in the world. With more than 75 titles under his belt, Justin holds the record for heaviest lift, longest lift and most unique lift (an entire building), making him indisputably the world's strongest man. When he's not too busy training, Justin likes to spend time with (borat voice) his wife and kids, and keeps busy as a freelance apparel designer.

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MACKENZIE MARIE - There’s No X In Espresso

Mackenzie Marie is a digital illustrator and graphic designer. She’s also a Flint, MI area bartender, music lover, and full-time cat lady. She lives in a small, cliché Michigan suburb with her partner, bonus son, and their cat, Kitty. You will likely never see her without a hat atop her head. She likes to use her personal art to convey a prominent message to her audience, usually involving social injustices and other issues. Challenging people to think deeper is her consistent goal. As an introverted extrovert, it is not often she goes out in public, unless it is for work, so make sure you say hello if you see her because it might be weeks before she emerges from her family’s dungeon once again.

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Liana Kangas is a comic artist, writer, dog mom and drummer most known for her work on creator owned series TRVE KVLT and Vault Comics’ She Said Destroy, as well as co-writing a title for TKO, and doing art for the likes of Image, 2000AD, A Wave Blue World, and Black Mask. She’s been featured on SYFY Artists Alley, Paste Magazine, Vice, and Nerdist.

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Sally Cantirino Rootless CoffeeSALLY CANTIRINO - NOSTALGIA

Sally Cantirino is a comic artist and illustrator currently based in New Jersey. Her recent comics work includes "The Final Girls," "I Walk With Monsters,” “Last Song,” “We Have To Go Back,” and contributions to the “You Died” and “Dead Beats” anthologies. She has also done artwork for World Champ Game Co, and bands like La Dispute and Murder By Death.  

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Shannon Wheeler writes and draws cartoons, sometimes comics, and occasionally graphic novels. He started Too Much Coffee Man in 1991 as a mini-comic. Even though he’s published cartoons in the New Yorker he still draws mini-comics in Portland, OR while living with kids, cats, chickens and bees.

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Cara McGee - SNOW DAY

Cara has worked on a number comics, covers, and illustrations for companies like Comixology, DC, IDW, and Cards Against Humanity with titles including .Self, Star Wars: Adventures, and Black Canary Ignite. She currently lives in the woods in the middle of nowhere, and travels as much as her schedule allows.

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