The Story of Danhausen

An unlikely story, a pro wrestler changed the trajectory of a craft coffee company. How did it happen? It all started with a podcast.

Danhausen was featured on our favorite podcast, Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend. After listening to his amazing episode, we sent him some coffee to try on a whim. He was wildly receptive, did an unboxing video, and people were already paying attention. When he did a tour of our space, we surprised him with his own branded bag. He loved it, and we agreed to make it a product for sale.

danhausen coffee

Fast forward to release date, when Danhausen Coffeehausen surpassed our best month of sales in A SINGLE DAY. We're not joking. His loyal fans went wild buying his coffee, which at the time had a hilarious design I whipped up in a matter of minutes. It did so well, we rebranded it with art from Craig Horky and it began wrestling fans gateway to craft coffee!

danhausen coffee

Our Danhausen Combohausen sold out in a single day and his fanhausens have been incredibly supportive and kind to us. This is what we're about as a company. Not talking to the same folks who deal with high end coffee, but opening up a new world to people stuck drinking that burnt stuff you get at the grocery store. Sure, we're not stopping you, but we guarantee you'll find something awesome when you give us a shot.

Danhausen did. We know you can too.