Danhausen Coffeehausen
Danhausen Coffeehausen
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Danhausen Coffeehausen

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Danhausen Coffeehausen

"Hello, yes regular humans! It’s Danhausen (love that Danhausen)! Danhausen has now decided to delve into the market of energy beans that seem to be so popular these days with a beanhausen of his own, but evil! Isn’t that nice? Enjoy this very caffeinated, very evil treat that Danhausen has bestowed upon you or be cursed!"


This coffee has notes of evil and nice.

Artwork by Craig Horky


Region: Brazil
Process: Natural
Elevation: 1100 MASL 
Taste: Dark Chocolate, Nutty, Dried Fruit, Almond, Cherry. 

Who is Danhausen?

If you're here, you already know. Danhausen is a professional wrestler, now part of the incredible AEW roster. He's Very Nice, Very Evil. Danhausen puts curses on his opponents and often throws teeth in their mouths. We've tried explaining this to our parents, but they'll never understand. Danhausen Coffeehausen is this pro wrestler's signature roast! Coffee for wrestlers is very real. Rootless is happy to supply more Danhausen merch to get him bags of money, and keep Danhausen wrestling forever.

Best Ways To Brew

This blend works perfectly in a standard coffee pot, a French press, or a pour over. Our goal was being able to have small batch roasted coffee that works in all formats without compromising the tasting notes and quality. Danhausen Coffeehausen not only works as a high quality diner coffee taste, but wows third wave coffee snobs even right out of the Mr. Coffee pot. Coffee should be accessible, not confusing and polarizing. To us, this is the best medium roast coffee.

Coarse vs. Fine Coffee

In our quest to make coffee for everyone, we also provide it in all grind settings. If you like French press, the coarse grind is the best grind setting for coffee. If you like espresso, you will want a more fine coffee. Think of it this way: the bigger the grounds, the easier it is for water to run through. The small and more compact the grounds, the harder it is for water to run through. Even dialing in an espresso machine, this mentality helps you pull a perfectly timed shot.

Medium Roast vs. Dark Roast Coffee

We will state it again: This is NOT a dark roast coffee! Many people equate "bold coffee" with being dark. Our philosophy is letting people taste the coffee, not the burn. Medium roast and light roast coffee tend to have a bit more coffee than dark roast coffee, as its not "roasted out" of it. However, that's not always the case. Think of this as diner coffee that actually tastes great. If you're interested, you can try our take on a dark roast coffee. If you love Danhausen coffee, you may also love our No X In Espresso roast which has a similar chocolate taste.


What is medium roast coffee? It's simply the length of time, temperature, and roasting method involved to get this perfect combination. Not too light, not too dark, just smack dab in the middle. Think like a juicy "medium" steak. But not meat, that would be weird if it showed up in your bag.

Are your bags resealable? You bet. We make coffee storage and pouring easier than ever. No awkward scissors and ties. Pull the tab, rip it, when you're done, reseal it.

Who does the artwork for your coffee? We ask our favorite comic artists and multimedia artists to do a design based on their style and the name of coffee. With loose guidelines, we trust them to do their thing. And they always exceed expectations. This one was the amazing Craig Horky!

What is a small batch coffee roaster? Instead of a mass produced quantity of coffee, we do small, controlled batches in our roaster. This way we can ensure the best quality coffee, and best tasting coffee. The fun is getting to do limited and seasonal drops with new and excited roast profiles. Stay tuned for those as we go.

Why are you all so weird? Well, that's simple. We're just a bunch of scrappy punk kids who happen to have backgrounds in craft breweries, third wave coffee shops, the music industry, comics, marketing, and more. Rootless is about being yourself, so we hope we can help you BREAK FREE FROM BORING. And also, love that Danhausen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 388 reviews
Ryan Nishan

Danhausen Coffeehausen

Andrew Mikkelson
Always delicious!

Quick shipping and great coffee. Very delicious and very evil!

Courtney Robinson
Very good. Very evil.

I’m really picky about coffee, but Danhausen hit it out of the Parkhausen. Smells very good, tastes very evil.

I Don't Know What A Danhausen Is

But this is my new go to morning brew. Smooth and delicious. Hopefully my subscription helps whoever this fellow is buy a blimp, or at least a couple of PT Cruisers.

Anthony Calbo

Very Nice, Very Excellent, Very Evil, worth the monies!
( being a mark aside, great cup of coffee)