Danhausen Coffeehausen
Danhausen Coffeehausen
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Danhausen Coffeehausen

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Danhausen Coffeehausen

"Hello, yes regular humans! It’s Danhausen (love that Danhausen)! Danhausen has now decided to delve into the market of energy beans that seem to be so popular these days with a beanhausen of his own, but evil! Isn’t that nice? Enjoy this very caffeinated, very evil treat that Danhausen has bestowed upon you or be cursed!"


This coffee has notes of evil and nice.

Artwork by Craig Horky


Region: Brazil
Process: Natural
Elevation: 1100 MASL 
Taste: Dark Chocolate, Nutty, Dried Fruit, Almond, Cherry. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 188 reviews
No longer a skeptic

I saw this coffee constantly being promoted to me on social media. While I love Danhausen, as everyone should, I was skeptical about how good this coffee actually was. Most of the reviews are clearly wrestling fans trying to get themselves and the Very Nice, Very Evil one over, but during their Black Friday sale, I finally decided to pull the trigger and give Rootless and this collab a shot. Holy sh*t. This is an amazingly good coffee. We bought whole beans and did a medium grind drip and my wife, who was more skeptical than I was, almost cried when we finished our pound (which took about a week, no surprise). This is an unbelievably good coffee being promoted by a man who needs every dollary-doo you can put his way (that blimp won't buy itself). Even at the slightly higher price, this is worth every penny. I wish they sold 5lb bags of it.

Love that coffeehausen!

This has quickly become the coffee of choice in our household. We look forward to giving Rootless Coffee and Danhausen more of our human money!

Josh M.
Great Coffee

I bought this mainly because I am a huge Danhausen fan, but was pleasantly surprised at the great taste and quality of the coffee. I highly recommend!

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Danhausen Coffeehausen, Sample 4pk & The Damn Fine Candle

I absolutely LOVE all 5 flavors! Not bitter at all. Very smooth & flavorful. Each one has its merits and deciding my favorite has been impossible. The berry kiss has a great after taste that reminds me of fresh picked raspberries. The 4pk also came with "No X in espresso", "A damn fine cup" and the "Dark". I think "No X" is my favorite, but it's a very close race between them all. It doesn't help that each time I brew a different flavor, I say "Nope, this one is my favorite." so idk... It's like trying to choose your favorite kid. The "Danhausen Coffeehausen" is fantastic brewed strong, and they are all excellent brewed in my pour over coffee maker. The artwork is sweet too. The "Dark" is my favorite of the 5 with "Danhausen Coffeehausen" at a close 2nd. Lots of details to admire while enjoying your fresh brewed cup. I will definitely make future purchases, that's a guarantee. The "Damn Fine Candle" is nice too. It's aroma is strong but pleasant & makes my place smell like a coffee house, which I love. There's nothing like the smell of a local coffee house/bakery, and now its available at home, any time I want it! Thanks Rootless Coffee, keep being awesome!
Love that Danhausen.

Dan Montalto
Great coffee

Coffee? Great. Experience? Great. Danhausen? Very evil.