Our Year in Craft Coffee

In a recent interview with KARMA jack Digital Marketing, our CEO Sean Murray talked about the humble beginnings of Rootless Coffee Co. It turns out we're still very much in our humble beginnings as a craft coffee roaster, but we're still having a blast.

craft coffee

Starting a business during a global pandemic is genuinely terrifying. You're in a world of uncertainty, getting ready to wave goodbye to whatever normalcy and past behind you, and open up a new world. But that's how we made it work. When you're in Flint, Michigan and search for coffee shops near me, you'll find a LOT of options. As I'm writing this, we're around 12 or 13 in a few mile radius. We saw the need for an e-commerce platform that was easy enough to order craft coffee for people all over the country.

We had no idea we'd be shipping coffee all over the world!

Then we realized, we could give people options in size, grind settings, and roasts. Instead of polarizing coffee lovers, we'd accept anyone and everyone to give it a shot. Time and time again we hear, "I don't even need cream for this!" Or "I normally hate coffee, but this is good." It's like music to our ears. Finally, craft coffee that's accessible, understandable (not like a homework assignment reading specs), and fun. 

Now only a year and a handful of months into our existence, the world feels the same and somehow completely different. We've gotten our coffee into some of our favorite coffee shops around the country, our favorite local donut shops and bakeries, and even grocery stores. Professional wrestlers like Danhausen and RJ City have opened us up to a whole new world of wrestling fans who love WWE, AEW, Ring of Honor, and more. And comic writers and comic artists have been wildly supportive of us, thanks to the awesome artists who do our designs.

It still really is a dream come true, and we're still pinching ourselves. And as the company grows, and more awesome people like you find out about us, we're always striving to do better. Do you like light roast or medium roast better? Is our dark roast dark enough? Do you have a favorite artist you want featured on our bag? Any questions you ask, we're listening and stewing on it.

Rootless Coffee Co. is still a young company, but we're always swinging for the fences in our own weird way. Thank you for drinking the coffee. Thank you for talking to us online. And thank you for telling your friends.

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