Really Cool Comic Con

We had a blast at Flint's BIGGEST COMIC CON EVER: Really Cool Comic Con.

comic con coffee

The one day event at the Dort Federal Event Center was cohosted by our friends at Media Reload. Full of vendors selling comics, pop culture memorabilia and more, the building was flooded with a beautiful abundance of geekery. It's worth noting, this was our first time serving coffee at a comic con as well! Giving away free samples of cold brew will never get old. People need a pick me up, they see a "FREE COLD BREW" sign, then are always surprised at how good it is.

So what coffee do we use for our cold brew? There's No X In Espresso.

That's right, it's not just an "espresso roast" which people seem to think means dark. In the craft coffee world, it's a nice robust, dark chocolatey shot of espresso, but it's also a killer cold brew. And beyond that, it's incredible in a coffee pot, french press or pour over.

That's the recurring theme for Rootless: the subculture gateway to craft coffee.

You don't need to add cream or sugar, you finally get the real tasting notes of the coffee.

Oh, and aside from coffee talk, we want to do ALL OF THE CONS. So if you have one you frequent and love, please let us know. Our nerd hearts grew a few sizes that day. 

Order There's No X In Espresso