Coffee Grind Settings - What You Need To Know

It's that time again. You're about to order a bag of A Damn Fine Cup Of Coffee, but you have no idea what we mean by "grind setting." Well, we're finally here to explain it to you. Because when you order, we want you to have your ideal experience. Whether you're drinking it out of a pot or pulling a shot, we want you to do you, booboo. 

Ordering coffee ground or whole bean have totally different benefits, but it's also important to know which coffee works best with which grind setting.

So let's dive in, unzip that bag, and smell the wonderful aroma of small batch, freshly ground coffee. And eagle-eye for some typos, because I know I'll get a few texts calling me out. IT'S FINE. I'M CAFFEINATED SO I TYPE FASTER THAN GRAMMAR ALLOWS.

Whole Bean 

We always recommend ordering whole bean and grinding right before brewing. Delivers all of the aroma and best flavors of the coffee. For example, if you order Berry Kiss we'd want you to do it via Pour Over or French Press because it's so dang good. You can still do it in a pot, but you'll get a next level experience from other methods.


This is perfect grind for your coffee pot at home. If you have a siphon coffee maker we'll assume you have a grinder, but if you don't because you spent all of your money on a siphon, this is the grind you want. Speaking of coffee pot, you might be a DARK roast fan, eh? Try that guy.

Medium / Coarse

This grind is for one of the best extraction methods available, the pour over. It takes time and patience and even a bit of skill, but to get the cleanest cup off coffee this is the way you want to go. Though we offer this grind setting, we HIGHLY recommend investing in a grinder and grinding fresh for best results.

Here we def recommend Berry Kiss, Out Of Your Element and our new seasonal roast LIGHT/BRIGHT.


For the French Press and Cold Brew crowd. The coarse grind is chunky and best used when steeping the coffee like you would tea. Hot extraction takes about 4-5 mins while cold extraction takes 12-24 hours depending on your preferred ratio. This is the best "I'm lazy, but still classy" vibe. Or as we (never) call it: Clazzy. Try it out. Make that one stick at work.

Here, well, COLD BREW CREW is our pick.


We see other blogs end like this, so it felt right. Weird... everyone's staring at waiting for us to say something profound. Umm....

Order coffee?